Alone "Alone" is our first game in the iTunes App Store. The new version 2.1 is already available and includes:

  • Improved controls and performance, now movement is even smooth
  • Three different modes to control de game
  • Online level editor available at
  • Lots of bug fixes

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Reviews around the world

"A Game To Fall Head Over Heels With" - Touch Reviews (read full review)

"Alone is a solid game which should appeal to retro enthusiasts and fans of other isometric games, as well as anyone wanting an entertaining platform puzzler to get to grips with" - iPhoneFreak (read full review)

"Alone - de volta aos clássicos" - (read full review)

"Alone, una nueva apuesta con sabor añejo en su estilo isométrico muy logrado y fiel al concepto de juego con los ingredientes clásicos" - (read full review)

"Sin duda un juego entretenido, aunque dificil, todo hay que decirlo, cuyo estilo recordará a muchos a los juegos antiguos de este estilo." - EsferaiPhone (read full review)

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The Game

After a terrible chemical-warfare attack, your city is in ruins. Help your character through the traps and surprises that lie in wait.
You are "Alone". Everyone has evacuated the city and the ones who didn't make on time… well, they don't look too good!
Find a vaccine for yourself before it's too late. Your girlfriend may already be infected, so you must find a cure for her too. Work your way through the levels and find everything you need to survive in the city. There are rumours of an antidote at some military installations nearby. Read the story of each level to see what your objectives are. Good luck!

"Alone" is a classic room based isometric platformer game. It uses simple controls and it's easy to play. Don't worry about saving the game, we automatically do this for you. We bring you peace of mind so you always can resume your game at any time you like. The game will probably remember you those wonderful ZX Spectrum isometric games!


In Depth

Enjoy the power of a game with alnost unlimited levels. Before you are finished with the original levels, we will have some more available to download. Just visit the downloads section from time to time.


To move your player you can use the buttons on screen (visible or hidden) or you can use the corners. If you use the corners, either touch once to move your character in that direction, or keep your finger on screen to continue walking. Double-taping on a corner will make your character jump. Remember to keep your finger on the corner of the screen after the second tap to jump in that direction.


During the game, you can pause the action and access the inventory screen using the pause button. If you have chosen to hide the pause button from the settings page, you can tap the screen with three fingers to make it reappear. Once you have opened the inventory, tap the objects to remove them. Objects removed will return to the original position when you revisit the room.


Use weapons to kill your enemies. Once you have collected a weapon, you can shoot by swiping the screen towards the direction of the enemy.

On the settings page you can enable or disable the loading of annexe rooms. Disabling this option may load rooms faster, but you won't see the adjacent room.
Be aware that objects cannot be pushed to annexe rooms. Some objects will keep their position on the screen when you re-visit the room, but others will reset their position. This is useful to resolve some of the situations you find yourself in.



If you die, you will just return to your last position.

Enjoy the game!

Levels Available

  • 6th September 2010: Introductory level
  • 30th April 2010: Level 1: First steps
  • 18th April 2010: Level 2: The antidote
  • 2nd September 2010: Level 3: On the woods
  • 2nd September 2010: Level 4: Starving
  • 22nd October 2010: Level 5: The cemetery
  • 18th April 2010: Level 6: On the road
  • 18th April 2010: Level 7: Chemical factory
  • 11th August 2011: Level 8: Locked
  • 3rd July 2011: Level 9: Underground shelter
  • 18th April 2010: Level 10: The Labyrinth
  • 21st October 2010: Mini-level 1
  • 21st October 2010: Mini-level 2
  • 21st October 2010: Mini-level 3
  • 21st October 2010: Mini-level 4

We understand level The Labyrinth can be a bit difficult, so that is why we are providing you a map!
Click here to open the map in a new page.

Coming soon

We are a very small team (two people only!) and we are constantly working on new games and updates. But if you finish all the levels and you are still hungry, please give us a shout and we will update you as soon as new levels are available. You can also visit this page from time to time to see any new levels. Or even better, check your iPhone/iPod Touch, as you have a "Download" option on the levels screen.
You can also subscribe to receive an alert every time we have a new level, by entering your email address on the form below:

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Help and feedback

If you are having any trouble, or need any help please don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you and will try to reply as soon as we can. When you use our contact form, please quote the game "Alone" and put a working email address so we can reply to you.